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Tuition 2016-2017


K-8 Tuition 2016-17

K-8 Tuition Non-Parishioner 2016-17

Preschool Tuition 2016-17

Preschool Tuition Non-Parishioner 2016-17

Parishioner Non Parishioner
3/4 Year Old Preschool
Three half days a week $1,132 $1,420
Three full days a week $2,342 $2,893
Five half days a week $1,870 $2,156
Five full days a week $3,744 $4,082
Grades K-8
One child $3,529 $5,381
Two children $5,688 $6,141
Three children $6,146 $6,384
Four children or more $6,190 $6,404
Supply/Book Fees and Technology Fees are charged for each child’s educational materials and for the materials and equipment used during the school day. These fees are paid during June and July.

Supply/Book Fee

3/4 Year Old Preschool
Three days a week $60
Five days a week $100

Supply / Technology Fee

Grades K-5, 7, 8 Per child $250
Grade 6 Per child $75

Tuition Payment Options

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