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St. Ambrose Catholic Church

822 W. Homer M. Adams Parkway
Godfrey, IL 62035


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St. Ambrose Catholic Church
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Description of Program: 

Parents, teachers, parishioners, and other adults are invited to attend a fun evening playing trivia in

teams of 6-8 and participate in games throughout the course of the evening. Admission is typically $120

per table of 8. Players can bring their own snacks and beverages, including alcohol. Soda and popcorn

are provided.

Position Hours Earned

Chair: 15 Hours

Responsible for ensuring the gym is set up and cleaned up. Responsible to make a flyer to send home

with students, send out Fast Direct messages, and get information to other parishes and newspapers to

promote the Trivia Night. Make sure that all volunteers have their areas of responsibility taken care of.

Responsible for reconciling all money and turning in to Parents Association. Also responsible for making

copies of answer sheet packets for all teams as well as any other copies that need to be distributed.

Gym set-up: 10 people 2-3 Hours

All volunteers help set the gym up to get ready for Trivia night. This includes setting up drink/snack table,

projector screen and sound equipment, judges tables, tables and chairs, registration table, covering

tables with plastic table covering, and numbering tables.

Gym clean-up: 10 people 1-2 Hours

All volunteers help clean up gym. This includes taking down all table and chairs, taking all trash to

dumpster, packing up projector screen and all sound equipment, sweeping and mopping gym floor.

PowerPoint presentation: 1 person 3-4 Hours

This person works with the volunteer(s) who is working on the questions to ensure all questions get

loaded on PowerPoint, and then does the PowerPoint presentation throughout the course of the evening.

The PowerPoint presentation includes all rounds of questions as well as a spreadsheet to record the


Snack table: 2 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for serving soda and popcorn and keeping area clean.

Runners: 2-3 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for keeping trash emptied and assisting where needed

Selling Mulligans/Raffle Tickets: 1-2 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for selling mulligans prior to start of round 1 of trivia as well as selling and collecting money

for any items that are being raffled off.

Emcee: 1-2 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for hosting the evening. This includes going over the Trivia Rules prior to round 1 starting as

well as any other important information or announcement. Responsible for drawing names for door prizes

and any other prizes given out throughout the evening. Also engages crowd by playing short games with

them such as heads or tails, dead or alive, etc. Also reads each round of questions as well as follows up

with reading the answers once all score sheets have been turned in at the end of each round.

Judges: 3-4 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for grading each teams answer sheets and tallying up their score each round. One judge

will need to help the PowerPoint person load the scores on the team score spreadsheet in between rounds.

Questions: 1-2 people 5-7 Hours

Responsible for coming up with categories and questions for each category. Communication with

PowerPoint person regarding who will load the questions on PowerPoint. Also, you need to make copies

of each round of questions and answers for the emcee(s) as well as all of the judges.

Registration: 1 person 1-2 Hours

Responsible for keeping track of all registration forms/money turned in for teams signing up to play trivia.

That evening, you will be responsible for checking in all teams entering the gym and collecting remaining

money and handing out the team answer sheet packets. You will have someone help you that evening.

50/50: 2-3 people 3-4 Hours

Responsible for walking around and selling 50/50 tickets and collecting the money for 50/50 ticket