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Student Council

This year was a great one for Student Council Members. The group started out the year helping set up all of the spirit days for the whole school. The whole school really enjoyed all of the different days that were planned. Another great even the Student Council is in charge of is Red Ribbon Week. This year the 8th graders made a great music video to help encourage students to be drug free and had fun days planned for the week.

Student Council also sets up all of the different service projects for the school. The group helped collect and count cans for Fill Santa's Semis in November and also in March for Catholic Charities. The school collected almost 8,000 cans for both of these service projects. Student Council also made St. Ambrose look a little cleaner by walking around the school grounds and cleaning up trash. This project has helped our school look much cleaner and helped the environment.  

Please contact Allison Carpunky via FastDirect if you need more information about Student Council activities.

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