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Read, Right, and Run

St. Ambrose was fortunate this year to participate in the Read, Right, and Run program under the direction of Jean Heil.  The GO! St. Louis Read, Right, & Run Marathon’s goal is to develop reading-proficient, community-minded and physically fit children in grades K-5 by challenging them to READ 26 books, RIGHT the community with 26 good deeds, and RUN 26.2 miles over a six-month period. It is a standards-based, sustainable, enrichment program that endorses and supports existing school curriculum.  Students in grades K-5 receive a colorful activity journal that is a great resource for physical fitness and nutrition information, while encouraging them to become better community citizens.  25 St. Ambrose students participated each Thursday after school and documented their “right” deed, marked their books, and practiced the 1 mile run around the parking lot.

After 26 weeks of hard work, the program culminated when the students ran their final 1.2 miles at the Annual Family Day in Forest Park on April 9th.  Thank you, Jean Heil, for bringing this wonderful program to St. Ambrose!

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