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The Illinois RiverWatch Network is a volunteer stream monitoring program that seeks to engage Illinois citizens by training them as Citizen Scientists. Each year at adopted stream sites in their communities, Citizen Scientists conduct habitat and biological surveys, including the collection and identification of small stream organisms called macroinvertebrates that serve as bioindicators of water quality. The program strives to collect consistent, high-quality data on the conditions of local streams and provide citizens with a hands-on opportunity to be better stewards of our watersheds.

On April 12, 2016, 18 8th grade students and Mrs. Heil, Middle School Science Teacher, spent a few hours conducting chemical, biological and physical surveys on a local stream, participating directly with the Illinois RiverWatch program.  The following school days, students entered their data on the National Geographic Fieldscope website. It was a beautiful day, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Rocky Fork Creek, right here in Godfrey! Learning about the Mississippi River Watershed, as well as how we impact our environment and water sources was valuable. A very exciting experience for all! 

Jennifer Baird, Science Teacher, will be sponsoring this activity for 2016-17.

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