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Homers for Health

For the 4th year in a row St Ambrose participated in the Cardinal Glennon Homers for Health Home Run Derby. Funds raised by this competition go to support the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation. 

Each student has 10 swings to hit a whiffle ball off of a tee. Points range from 0-4 depending upon the distance the ball is hit. The students with the highest point total within each age group gets to move on and participate in the Home Run Derby in Forest Park where they get to meet several Cardinal players. 

This year’s winners are: K- 2 (Joseph Stephen and Isabelle Johnson); 3 – 5 (Henry Neely and Mackenzie Ingram); and 6 – 8 (Isaac Hendrickson and Emma Nicholson).  We want to thank all the students for participating, the Parents Association for sponsoring each student and the various volunteers that helped that day.

Chad Ingram chairs this event and may be reached via FastDirect if you are interested in volunteering.

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