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FastDirect focuses on providing the support needed to build your unique school community — it's easy for all users to communicate and participate.

Timely Communications / A Well Informed Community

  • Secure intranet email with SMS text and email notification options.
  • Collaborative viewing of reports
  • Post resource documents (newsletters, handbooks, school forms, etc.)
  • Up-to-date directories, calendars, menus, and even finance transactions

Grade & Assignment Sharing

Reflect Your Mission & Identity

  • Personalize your Login page
  • Customizable faculty Bulletin Boards and Links section

Secure Environment

  • Real-time attendance allows you to know who is on campus at all times
  • Text notification notifies parents quickly of an emergency at school

If you have questions about using FastDirect, please contact Jean Connoyer ( at 618-466-4216.


FastDirect Parent Welcome Packet

FastDirect Parent Activation Letter

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